Exhibit Tech in Post Covid Era

Ohad Twig CEO & Co-founder of BoothGuru
As the time for a post-COVID-19 world approaches, companies will be looking to host and partake in big events, exhibitions, and conventions. The business world has always thrived with these occasions, allowing for startups, entrepreneurs, and companies alike to showcase their legacies to interested visitors, investors, and competitors. However, the events industry has always stayed quite old-fashioned, allowing room for improvement and innovation. This is where Booth Guru steps up and flourishes. After winning 1st place and Gold at virtual Event Tech Live 2020, they proved that their AI is truly incredible.
We met with CEO and co-founder of Booth Guru, Ohad Twig to discuss their remarkable service, the journey they have had in making it where they are now, and how COVID affected business over the past year.
Booth Guru provides an AI system that captures, tracks, and analyzes any interaction on the show floor, to predict the next best action for each player. Whether you are attending events, participating in them, or organizing them, there is a reason for you to use Booth Guru's service. As a visitor, their service will provide you with the most beneficial schedule for you to get the best experience out of the event based on your interests and goals for attending. It will make sure the money and time you are spending are being taken full advantage of. As well as this, in the future, their AI can give you real-time recommendations to draw out the most optimized route for you.
As an exhibitor or sponsor, with the help of Booth Guru, you can identify who the most relevant visitors are at the venue, in real-time based on their determined interests and behaviors. Within a few seconds of them attending your booth, you will receive a notification that informs you that a potentially interested attendee is with you, allowing you to quickly shift your pitch or conversation in order to increase your closing rate with them.
Lastly, as an organizer, you are provided with tons of specific data and information about the visitors and booths themselves. You receive data and statistics about the traffic at your events, for example, how much time people spend in a certain area and why, as well as convenient information about social distancing warnings and safety hazards. Not only does it tell you positive information, but also if there are low-traffic areas in real-time, allowing for you to adjust the event and bring attention in that direction.
How was being an event-tech company in COVID? What were the impacts and solutions?
BoothGuru believes that the event industry will be coming back with a minimum of an 80-90% increase, giving their service the perfect opportunity to shine in the coming months. COVID-19 had a major effect on the entire world and being in an industry that relies so heavily on person-to-person interaction, they were hit hard. However, with their amazing AI accomplishments, they have been able to survive this difficult time.
As you can imagine though, it was not pretty. When COVID struck, Booth Guru needed a full restart. They came back to Israel after an amazing journey to New York City, downsized the company, and began completely revamping their AI to adjust to the new virtual era. They added onto their service to comply with as many people as possible, giving a reason for not just exhibitors to use it, but also visitors and organizers, whether that was in person, or online. They spent much of their time understanding the data and emphasizing the importance of it in order to give every player the best experience possible. With these new developments, they believe they can explode the industry, changing the dynamic of events entirely.

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