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Welcome to Founder Runway's Tipping Point corner!

This page is Founder Runway's attempt at making The Tipping Point, a podcast for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, aiming at helping entrepreneurs and innovators overcome obstacles that get in their way by sharing their knowledge with one another – available to you! We, here at Founder Runway, identify with The Tipping Point's vision and hope you will enjoy its content.

There are 3 series of the Tipping Point Podcast, below you can find a guide to the episodes.

One caveat: while Founder Runway's content is predominantly provided in English, The Tipping Point is a Hebrew podcast.

Series 1
Episode 1 (Asaf Shweki) - MVP, Automation and Why Ask Why

Asaf Shweki served in the elite military technology unit "Mamram", after which he established, with several of his unit-mates, a company called "For-Each" and was among the first to develop mobile applications until his company was acquired by AutoDesk.

Listen to Asaf here:

Episode 2 (Eliezer Shkedi) - Leadership, Belief and How to Really Listen

This episode's guest is Eliezer Shkedi, the former Israeli Air Force Commander and former CEO of EL-AL, Israel's national airline.

Listen to Shkedi here:

For more insight from Noa Matz on the human factor in a startup's success, click here:

Episode 3 (Leah Goldberger) – Managing and Researching Your Product

Leah Goldberger is one of the leading figures in the local community in the field of product management. She has led some of the most interesting products we have in the market today and established the "Queens Community" that brings together hundreds of companies that share, help and support the product world.

Listen to Leah here:

For more insight from Ido Yablonka on product management click here:

Episode 4 (Nimrod Cohen) – How the Investor Looks at You

This episode's guest is Nimrod Cohen, the current manager of TAU Ventures, Tel Aviv University's investment fund, who worked at "Plus Ventures & Explore Venture" funds, and also sold a startup at the beginning of his career.

Listen to Nimrod Cohen:

Episode 5 (Ofir Paldi) – Organization, Culture, and People

Ofir Paldi founded the company "Shamayim", a very unusual company as it tries to change the organizational learning culture of the society to which it comes.

Listen to Ofir here:

Episode 6 (Uri Arbel) – Working with Lawyers and Partners

This episode's guest is Uri Arbel, a founding partner in a law firm that specializes in business and entrepreneurship.

Listen to Ori here:

Episode 7 (Gilad Shani) – Investors - Who are They and What They are Seeking

Gilad Shani worked at the Baron Capital investment fund for a decade, during which time he was responsible for early investments in companies such as Better Place, Tesla, and others.

Listen to Gilad here:

Episode 8 (Roy Galitz) – Bootstrapping and failing

The guest in this episode is Roy Galitz, the manager and founder of the largest photography school in Israel and of the leading travel company in the world "Photo Teva", the entrepreneur of "Gear Eye", the entrepreneur of the school for lecturers "TalkMaster", one of the world's most renowned and decorated photographers, and was recently chosen for the "The Markers' 40 under 40" list.

Listen to Roy here:

Episode 9 (Nimrod Vromen) – Founders, Finders and all that's in Between

This episode hosts Nimrod Vromen, the founder of Founder Runway, previously known as Ytech Runway, and an experienced hi-tech attorney from Yigal Arnon & Co., one of Israel's leading law firms, specifically in the business field.

Listen to Nimrod here:

To read more about what Nimrod has to say regarding finders agreements click here:

Episode 10 (Gal Bar-Dea) – Prototyping - from Products to People

Gal Bar-Dea is the VP Product of "Pepper Pay" and has a slightly odd hobby - he likes to create products that people want to hate in the first place.

Listen to Gal here:

Episode 11 (Yahav Levy) – Your Customer that You Didn't Know About

This episode's guest is Yahav Levy, the founder and manager of "Fresh Blue", a consulting firm in the field of client research, head of Shenkar's accelerator and a lecturer at Tel Aviv University.

Listen to Yahav here:

Episode 12 (Boaz Omanti) – Pricing as a Feature

Boaz Omanti is the CEO and founder of "Reps AI", a "product" person, and a serial entrepreneur.

Listen to Boaz here:

Episode 13 (Osnat Livnat) – Brainstorming and Braindumping

The guest in this episode is Osnat Livnat, one of the first employees at Whiteboard, who advises companies like Amdocs, Nice, Medtronic and others in the field of "Design Thinking".

Listen to Osant here:

Episode 14 (Maayan Freund) – Your Brand - All Over Again

Maayan Freund is the CEO and entrepreneur of "Awesome TLV", a design, branding and strategy house with over 7 years of experience in diverse industries, ranging from retail through technology to security, with projects in companies such as CelloPark, Pepper, Carbyne, Moburst, GETT, etc.

Listen to Maayan here:

Episode 15 (Noa Ganot) – Road Map and the Great Unknown

The guest in this episode is Noa Ganot, a veteran product manager with over 10 years experience in which she established the product group in eBay Israel and in Twiggle.

Listen to Noa here:

Episode 16 (Uri Gabbay) – The First Thing You Should Know if You Live in Israel

Uri Gabbay is the VP Strategy at the Innovation Authority, which invested more than NIS 1.5 billion in various projects in Israel last year.

Listen to Uri here:

Episode 17 (Iris Shoor) - Productivity - How to Really Do It

This episode's guest is Iris Shoor, an experienced entrepreneur and today the CEO and founder of "Oribi", a startup in the field of analytics.

Listen to Iris here:

Episode 18 (Yair Shoham) - The Basics in Meeting a Major VC

This Episode's guest is Yair Shoham, the Manager of Intel's investment fund and a former partner in Genesis investment fund.

Listen to Yair here:

Episode 19 (Itamar Weizman)

My guest in this episode is Itamar Weizman, one of the founders of Cool Cousin and an experienced community founder and founder.

Listen to Itamar here:

Episode 20 (Daniel Gardos)

Humran recruited a broad community of senior businessmen and key figures in the various Jewish communities, all of whom generally have significant Zionist affiliations, who constantly work for Israeli companies.

Listen to Daniel here:

Series 2
Episode 1 (Inbal Arieli)

We all know Inbal Arieli, whether we know it or not. It established the famous accelerator in the country - 8200EISP and affected tens of thousands of people.

Listen to Inbal here:

Episode 2 (Adir Zimmerman)
My guest on this episode is Adir Zimmerman, CEO and co-founder of SCREEMO, a company that grew from an idea for a global company from Japan to the US with some of the largest clients in the world such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Walmart and more.

Listen to Adir here:

Episode 3 (Gigi Levy Weiss)

My guest on this episode is Gigi Levy Weiss, one of the most recognizable characters in the world of entrepreneurship.

Listen to Gigi here:

Episode 4 (Dov Moran)

My guest in episode 4 is Dov Moran, one of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the country who founded, among other things, Modu and M systems, which he sold to SanDisk.

Listen to Dov here:

Episode 5 (Shelly Hod Moyal)

The guest in the episode is Shelly Hod Moyal, one of the founders of iAngels, which allows investors from all over the world to invest in startups in Israel.

Listen to Shelly here:

Episode 6 (Boaz Katz)

My guest in this episode is Boaz Katz, the director of development and one of the founders of Bizabo, who is developing a complete platform for managing a company's events.

Listen to Boaz here:

Episode 7 (Efrat Penigson)

The guest in this episode is Efrat Penigson, VP Marketing of Airobotics. Efrat is not a trivial marketing woman, she started with software.

Listen to Efrat here:

Episode 8 (Roi White)

My guest in this episode is Roy White, after a brief stint as a programmer he found himself on the product management side at Converto which was sold to AOL for over $ 100 million, where he became VP product of a product group engaged in analytics and growth.

Listen to Roi here:

Episode 9 (Gabi Saratok)

My guest in this episode is Gabi Saratok, Gabi founded the builders which has 2 main activities - The bridge with Coca-Cola and the second activity is also called the builders in collaboration with Mercedes and Turner which contains quite a few of the world famous brands.

Listen to Gabi here:

Episode 10 (Ilana Golan)

My guest in episode 10 is Ilana Golan, after a childhood that moved between the US and Israel, Ilana found herself in the Knesset and from there the road for her to engineering and high-tech was short.

Listen to Ilana here:

Episode 11 (Tal Voronel)

My guest on the episode is Tal Voronel. After several years in which he dealt in various fields, Tal began to find a connecting thread between all his occupations - conveying messages.

Listen to Tal here:

Episode 12 (Talia Wolf)

The guest in this episode is Talia Wolf. Talia specializes in conversion optimization, and advises various companies in the field. Talia's view of the Conversion problem is different from what is customary in the market.

Listen to Talia here:

Episode 13 (Tal Rosenberg)

The guest in the episode is Tal Rosenberg. Tal was the entrepreneur of a well-known company for about 6 years. Despite significant achievements they had to close down and face this not-so-simple process.

Listen to Tal here:

Episode 14 (Yonit Sarkin)

The guest in this episode is Yonit Sarkin, the Managing Director in the country of Mass Challenge. Yonit gave a glimpse of how one of the largest accelerators in the country in particular and in the whole world is run.

Listen to Yonit here:

Episode 15 (Eyal Feder)

My guest in this episode is Eyal Feder, one of the founders of ZenCity, a startup that deals with ML and provides insights to various municipalities around the world.

Listen to Eyal here:

Episode 16 (Oren Bar-On)

My guest in this episode, Oren Bar-On, the high-tech director at EY, which has about 400 accountants, represents about 80% of the high-tech companies in the Israeli market, as well as a number of investment funds.

Listen to Oren here:

Episode 17 (Danny Izkowitz)

My guest on this episode is Danny Izkowitz, one of the founders of Algobrix and Young Engineers along with Amir Asur. Algobrix is ​​a startup in the field of education tech that combines robotics, Lego, code learning and of course a lot of fun for its users.

Listen to Danny here:

Episode 18 (Ariel Kedem)

My guest on the episode is Ariel Kedem, a veteran product manager and currently the director of product at culture trip, and previously a consultant for startups and a mentor at Google Campus.

Listen to Ariel here:

Episode 19 (Amir Shevat)

My guest in this episode is Amir Shevat. Amir started his career at Microsoft, from there he moved to Google and set up campus in Israel and the US, then moved to Slack where he increased its developer platform from 200 developers to 250,000 developers and today is on Amazon's twitch.

Listen to Amir here:

Episode 20 (Shay Weininger)

My guest on the episode is Shay Weininger, one of the founders of Fiverr and today of Lemonade, who only recently raised about $ 120 million from soft bank.

Listen to Shay here:

Series 3
Episode 1 (Gil Hirsch)

In the first episode, I met Gil Hirsch, an entrepreneur and product manager, and we talked mainly about the issue of ** speed **. We started with a brief conversation about the path he has taken in recent years, from working at Exact, exiting at, moving to Facebook, and current company Stream Elements.

Listen to Gil here:

Episode 2 (Liran Kotzer)

Listen to Liran here:

Episode 3 (Yoav Wilner)

Yoav Wilner, CMO and a member of the founding team at startup L1ght, is perhaps more familiar to you as the founder and (former) CEO of Ranki, a company that marketed hundreds of startups and actually broke ground in the field as it is run today.

Listen to Yoav here:

Episode 4 (Merav Oren)

My guest in this episode is Merav Oren, an entrepreneur with a rich past and currently leading a number of ventures with the main one being the WMN workspace and community.

Listen to Merav here:

Episode 5 (Zviki Ben-Ishay)

In this episode I met Zviki Ben-Ishay, the CEO and founder of Lightico, which develops technology that allows companies to communicate with their customers in a smooth and intuitive way.

Listen to Zviki here:

Episode 6 (Ehud HaOzman)

My guest in this chapter is Adv. Ehud HaOzman, the partner in charge of the high-tech field at the firm of Reinhold Cohen, one of the most experienced law firms in the country with 85 years of experience.

Listen to Ehud here:

Episode 7 (Saar Wilf)

My guest on this episode is Saar Wilf, an experienced entrepreneur and investor who started his entrepreneurial career in 1997, since founding Fraud Sciences in 2001 which he sold to Paypal in 2008 for about $ 170 million.

Listen to Saar here:

Episode 8 (Adi Janowitz)

My guest in this episode is Adi Janowitz, currently VP Customer Success at HiBob and before that VP Customer Success at WalkMe.

Listen to Adi here:

Episode 9 (Yotam Cohen)

The guest in this episode is Yotam Cohen, one of the founders of WIBBITZ and today a mentor in the zell program for entrepreneurs and engaged in additional activities.

Listen to Yotam here:

Episode 10 (Sanya Waldberg)

My guest in this episode is Sanya Waldberg, an entrepreneur and one of the leading marketing people in the country, who has led prominent campaigns in the country - political, social and technological.

Listen to Sanya here:

Episode 11 (Tal Florentin)

In this episode I met Tal Florentin, the entrepreneur of Summurai and one of the top UX people in the country. Tal started his way on the software side in the technology units and forged alongside the user experience.

Listen to Tal here:

Episode 12 (Vered Raviv Schwartz)

My guest in this episode is Vered Raviv Schwartz, COO at Guesty. After several significant stops in the high-tech world that included a focus on acquisitions and mergers she joined Faber for growth efforts and helped bring the company from 40 to 400, today at Guesty she helped bring the company from 100 to almost 300.

Listen to Vered here:

Episode 13 (Omar Parchik)

In this episode I met Omar Parchik, one of the entrepreneurs of, one of the world's leading task management platforms.

Listen to Omar here:

Episode 14 (Donna Griffith)

My guest in this episode is Donna Griffith, one of the world's top consultants in the field of messaging and presentation, a field now known as Storytelling.

Listen to Donna here:

Episode 15 (Barak Pridor)

My guest on this episode is Barak Pridor, a managing partner at the Saban Ventures Foundation.

Listen to Barak here:

Episode 16 (Natalie Refuah)

My guest on this episode is Natalie Refuah, a partner in Viola Growth, a fund that specializes in investing in growth companies and one of several funds in the Viola Group that manages over $ 3 billion.

Listen to Natalie here:

Episode 17 (Alon Matas)

My guest on this episode is Alon Matas, the developer of BetterHelp, the leading US platform for online emotional support, which was acquired by Teladoc in 2015.

Listen to Alon here:

Episode 18 (Yuval Samet)

My guest on this episode is Yuval Samet, the CEO and founder of Riseup, a startup that has set itself the goal of making real economic change for its clients.

Listen to Yuval here:

Episode 19 (Roei Deutsch)

My guest in this episode is Roy Deutsch, the CEO and one of Jolt's entrepreneurs, who is making a real revolution in the way people learn.

Listen to Roei here:

Episode 20 (Ethan Levitt)

My guest on this episode is Ethan Levitt, one of the developers of MixTiles. Ethan and I talked about tools for decision making, from mental tools like scheduling, assumptions, data, trend analysis and condition chaining to behavioral tools like skepticism, emotions, and acknowledging strengths and weaknesses.

Listen to Ethan here:

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