Corona Corner

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We are here to help you through these uncertain times. This guide will be updated on a daily basis.

Our pool of Corona related content:

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Video discussions with key players in the startup ecosystem:


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Tips for working remotely:
It's definite. We will all be transitioning our workplace to home. We have collected for you a number of helpful links to guide you through the process of making the most out of remote working days:


GitLab Inc.:

Stack Overflow:

Many tech companies allow free access to their tools to help-out teams and companies.
Here are 2 tech companies that share their products for free due to the situation:
1) Microsoft provides free access to Teams for six months
2) Google offers free features in their google hangouts product.

Are there other products that you came across that are now free and can help entrepreneurs during these days?
Let us know at and we'll add it asap

Lots of health and efficient work!

Corona Corner