3 Free Resources to Make the Most Out of the Final EIC Accelerator Pilot Call

Alessio Caracci, Quality Manager @ Typewiser | Reading Time: 3 min.

With the one-off EIC Accelerator “Green Deal” call in the books, the EIC Accelerator Pilot final call offers last funding opportunity for Israeli SMEs

 On July 23, the European Commission has announced that Israeli Company Senecio Robotics is one of the 38 companies selected for blended finance investment under the EIC Accelerator Pilot one-off “Green Deal” call.  

For the past seven years, the Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator Pilot (former SME Instrument) represented one of the top places innovative Israeli startups look when seeking funding for their business. The program awards high-risk, high potential, tech companies with grants up to €2.5 million and an optional equity investment up to €15 million. This unique blended finance formula has attracted a record number of applicants, turning the EIC Accelerator Pilot into the largest and most competitive funding scheme for innovative startups and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Well supported by the Israeli-Europe R&I Directorate (ISERD), Israeli startups maintained one of the highest success rates across all European countries, and are now looking forward to the October 7, call - the last funding opportunity under the current program ending in December 2020.

Particularly in a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has left the investing industry in uncharted territory, the last EIC Accelerator Pilot call represents the single largest funding opportunity in Q4 2020 for many startups looking for external capital. But how can companies apply for funding under the EIC Accelerator?

Applying to the EIC Accelerator Pilot requires a coordinated effort between multiple team members, a deep understanding of the funding program, and good business writing skills. It comes as no surprise that many companies rely on external consultants to prepare their application. 

But for those who intend to prepare their EIC Accelerator Pilot application in-house, here is our shortlist list of great free resources that will help you prepare a sharp project proposal:

  1. Typewiser: Consultants and expert grant writers rely on templates developed specifically for the EIC Accelerator, a resource that Spanish software startup  Typewiser has now made available to anyone in an attempt to democratise EIC Accelerator proposal writing services. The Company has developed a free and elegant grant writing software that guides applicants step by step from the concept definition to submission. Typewiser is also offering consultancy and revisions of any EIC proposal.
  2. Access 2 EIC: Access 2 EIC is an action supported by the network of Horizon 2020 National Contact Points which includes the Israeli National Technological Innovation Authority. The organization has recently published a thorough guide to the EIC Accelerator template that will help you navigate the specifics of Europe’s most competitive funding scheme.
  3. EIC Accelerator Data Hub: The EIC Accelerator Data Hub is the official repository of data on projects funded so far. The database is the go-to source for any information on what gets funded - an invaluable source of insights on what the European Commission evaluators are looking for when assessing EIC Accelerator Pilot proposals.

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