5 impactful, low-budget marketing tactics to get exposed to the global market!

Lirone Glikman, CEO at The Human Factor by Lirone Glikman, Global Business Development Firm
You didn’t think this is what the world would look like, right?

Your marketing plan had it all figured out, and you knew exactly what to do. Almost a year into the pandemic and, for many industries, much has changed from the global marketing and sales perspectives: companies are more cautious about their marketing budgets and purchases, marketing funnels and sales cycles take longer than before, communication in most cases is handled through video calls, etc. The whole strategy had to adapt to the evolving circumstances.

A few companies have approached me recently, asking about low-budget marketing tactics to fuel their growing sales efforts. However, I’ve seen a fair number of startups and companies cutting their marketing budgets up to a point where they may be putting their ability to sell in danger.

You know, good marketing makes sales somewhat smoother — the lead generation process “heats up” your prospects, then they will look at your company’s activity and updates seeking to learn more about your product or service. Your job is to show them that now, more than ever, you are attuned to the market. You are making the right adjustments and you are more qualified than ever to take them through the pandemic with your solution!

The following marketing tactics are great for:
- Exposure
- Inbound leads and increasing your pipeline
- Warm cold leads
- Branding yourself as the right solution

For those of you who want to spend their marketing budget cautiously, I will recommend choosing from the following low-budget marketing tactics:

1.Interview series with your wish-list clients
Who are the 10 most desirable clients on your wishlist? Once you have written down their names, create a 5–10 episode show, (a podcast or a video call based) and invite a senior member from each of your desirable clients' list to appear on it. Each show will discuss your industry’s burning topics from a different angle. The value is huge:
- You are offering the seniors a stage to share their activity on
- You further brand yourself as a leader/authority by delivering value to your audience
- You get to form an unofficial relationship with your desired prospects and can offer your product after you both get to know each other better.
It can be done professionally enough with little budget.

2. Set up a Webinar with the “big-shots”
Partnerships are always a great idea, as long as you can find what’s in it for your partner. If you can give them the value they are looking for, they will join in! (This can be: access or exposure to a certain type of audience; maybe they need to repair a damaged image; or your offer aligns with their current campaign). Yes, we’ve all had enough Webinars, but you can agree that every now and again, there is a good one we don’t want to miss out. The reason could be a very hot topic, but mostly it’s about the senior people who speak in it. Approach seniors at the Googles, the Facebooks, and Microsofts in your industry and ask them to partner on a webinar about a hot topic. You may be surprised but sometimes all you have to do to get a “YES” is just to make the move. Then, have flawless execution, and make sure to keep the recording available to generate ongoing impact!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
3. Develop your own personal brand
Whether you are the founder or the marketing manager, you should build your brand as an expert in your field. This is crucial. Today, more than ever, we are being judged based on our online image on social media, article sites, etc. If you do not take care of it, Google’s algorithm will. (By the way, it’s not necessarily on your side!). What can you do about it? Plan your brand’s values, messages, and “feel,” and create a content plan for yourself. Yes, just like you do for your company but with your personal touch :) “People do business with people.” I can assure you that once you’ll stay consistent with building your brand online, more clients will approach you. I provide a one-on-one personal branding process — contact me for more information.

4. Newsletter
Yes, we all know this one, it isn’t new but it’s still powerful for your dedicated clients and prospects. Your newsletter should aim to give top value to your audience. If you have a mailing list, just send them a questionnaire asking what topics they would like to learn about from you. Alternatively, start creating a mailing list and email them. Content may vary — from company updates to aggregating industry highlights. It can even be a short podcast or video recording from your CEO or yourself. Think about what value can you bring and how often is most optimal for you to create the newsletter, and just do it. Be consistent. This will keep you top of mind with your clients.

5. Don’t miss global online conferences!
One of the advantages of Covid-19 is that global conferences are now available online. No flights involved. :) Yes, I know it is NOT the same. As a networking expert who teaches professionals how to maximize their results in events, online conferences have somewhat altered the rules of the game. To make the most of them, you should take a very proactive and goal-oriented approach. Look at the guest list and set up virtual meetings with relevant people. It is an opportunity for you to think outside of the box and design your online meetings so they would be memorable and more exciting than others. You can do so by using media or even various kinds of personalized demos and guides. Online conferences are still a great way to expose your company’s solution to your global target audience. Just make sure to be creative and memorable.

“New Normal” — updated rules, but as they say, “the show must go on!”
As the director, you have the liberty of changing the narrative and creating a new experience for your audience! Good luck!

Lirone Glikman is a global business development expert and a keynote speaker.
She is the CEO & Founder of The Human Factor - a global business development firm. Lirone supports tech companies' growth and expansion into international markets. In addition, she is an honorary adviser at an external United Nations committee dedicated to the UN's sustainable development goals.

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