2 Jun 17:00

FinTech/Crypto Panel Discussion-Venture Capital, Business Angels & Startups

A discussion with Investors and Industry Experts on The Future of FinTech as adopting Blockchain and Crypto. FinTech vs DeFi.
About this event

Welcome by the moderator Massimiliano Sulpizi, EquityMatch.co Founder & CEO

Panelist introductions.

Panel presentation and initial remarks.

Moderator-curated questions directed to the panelists.

Questions from the audience directed to the panelists.


Thank you and final remarks.

The following are some of the topics we will be covering during our panel discussion with best in class investors and industry experts.

Main Topics.

1 - FinTech has been one of the hottest sectors to invest in the last decade, how is it changing with the adoption of Blockchain and Crypto?
2- FinTech vs DeFi. Which are the main differences? Strength and Weakness.
3 - Has the world really fully embraced blockchain technology, or are there still some scepticism around it?
4 - Which are the sectors and industries who most benefited from adopting blockchain?
5 - How safe and reliable are Crypto exchanges today?
6 - Is Crypto a real way to democratise finance? Is the adoption of crypto emerging countries make crypto be seen as inclusive finance?
7- Will mining become sustainable?
8- How regulation can play a big role in enhancing the blockchain and crypto adoption meanwhile avoiding scams.