i3 Equity Partners
i3 Equity Partners is an investment vehicle dedicated to early-stage investments in Israeli IoT start-ups. Managed by experienced investors Eran Wagner and Noga Kap, i3 represents a collaborative effort involving M12, Tata Group, GE Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Temasek, HNA Innovation Finance Group, and Pitango Venture Capital to foster Israeli IoT innovation and promote it globally. The firm focuses primarily on early-stage deep tech start-ups.
Investment range
Up to US $2,000,000
Olympic minimum
Impressive founding team with a disruptive deep-technology idea, preferred at least one design-partner/poc.
Tech sector
Artificial Intelligence Cyber-Security Other Augmented Reality Agro Tech Clean Tech Med Tech Telecommunications Mobility Cloud IoT Smart Mobility AR/VR
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