PipelBiz is the first Israeli equity crowdfunding platform. Founded in 2015, PipelBiz aims to enable companies to raise capital via its crowdfunding platform from unlimited number of investors without the need of any prospectus. Our solution offers entrepreneurs a new funding method which is both simple, fast & cost effective while providing maximum capital and remaining the main decision makers. Following an amendment to the Securities Authority Law, in the end of 2017, the Israeli regulator authorized crowdfunding via "Proposal Coordinator" in order to ease fixed-income debt crowdfunding for startups and small businesses. This model changes the pervious status quo in which any proposal to the public without any prospectus was limited up to 35 investors. Following this model, any private company incorporated in Israel can offer to the public equity for capital. From mid-2016 to early 2018 Pipelbiz has raised up to $6.8 Million for 22 different companies from approximately 500 investors. Since last August and up to today, Pipelbiz has raised approximately $2 Million for four different companies in various fields of activity from more than 1600 investors. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for investment, come and join us. Be a part of Israel equity crowd funding revolution!
Investment range
Up to US $2,000,000
Olympic minimum
Seed - Early Stage Companies
Tech sector
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