A New Way to Ask Questions Online

Michal Tamir & Gil Schoenberg Co-Founders of Superfy
For years, Google, Quora, Siri, and Alexa have dominated the online world to ask and answer questions.  However, as we move towards a more modern world where AI is beginning to take part in our everyday lives, new technologies are starting to change the way we do everyday activities.  With over 250,000 users Superfy is getting its foot in the door with AI technology to change the way we ask and answer questions.

We were given the opportunity to sit down with the founders of Superfy, Michal Tamir and Gil Schoenberg, who are a married couple doing the unthinkable to discuss what Superfy is, how they are revolutionizing the industry, and the journey they have taken to get where they are now.

Tell us about Superfy.
Superfy is an app that allows you to ask any question about any topic and get an answer from a real person in a live chat.  Unlike Google and Quora, Superfy allows you to communicate back and forth with a real person to continue discussing the topic.  In addition, Superfy is the only platform currently on the market that allows you to ask a question and receive an answer from a real person within 20 seconds.  Superfy learned that there was an opportunity to create something that would change the way we help each other virtually.  Most users come to the platform to ask a question but end up forming more meaningful connections via the live chat function.  These users then feel more willing to answer other users’ questions, making the whole process come full circle and really bring to life the concept of “paying it forward”.

The patented AI technology Michal and Gil have created has unique algorithms that not only pair you with another user who knows the answer but also find people that are similar to you who can provide better answers as they match your personality profile. For example, if you're looking for recommendations for the top concerts in Rome, you're going to be getting an answer from someone who knows about music in Rome - but with the bonus that they have similar musical tastes to you. This is key to the success of Superfy – the matching process, they have created a unique technology to achieve what many considered impossible, even the likes of Google!

How is Superfy revolutionizing the industry?
In the modern world we live in today, human connection is becoming more distant, and COVID-19 did not help that.  Superfy founders wanted to create something that would help humans create more meaningful connections online and at the same time solve an everyday problem.  Michal and Gil realized that ‘live chat’ is key to changing the way we ask and answer questions.  Within 20 seconds of a user asking a question, a real and relevant person will answer it in a live chat where you can continue communicating about the topic.  No other platform allows you to receive instant live answers to your questions and create these conversations in a social media manner.  As Michal would say, “Superfy is a Google meets WhatsApp”.

What were some of the challenges you faced?
Number one was technology – creating a solution that understands any question on any topic and locates the relevant person to answer, not a trivial task at all.  Second, was raising the capital to build such a unique technology and third was finding the best technology and AI data engineers to move from concept to a working application. It took time but the solution today is answering over 100k questions a month and our user base is growing fast. We are really doing what we set out to do.

While Superfy is still in the early stages, it is changing the game in how we ask and answer questions online.  With a tap of a button, you can ask thousands of people worldwide any question and receive a response almost instantly.  Are you ready to join the movement?

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