The Future of Robotics is Coming!

Ilan Reingold, CEO and Co-Founder at BionicHIVE
In the past, movies and tv shows depicted the 2010 era as a magnificent space-like, futuristic world with flying cars, robots, and completely unbelievable tech. Unfortunately, we have not hit that point in our everyday lives yet. However, we are one step closer to that unimaginable future via the SqUID, BionicHIVE's very own, fully automated warehouse robot.

We happily met with the CEO of BionicHIVE, Ilan Reingold, to discuss the phenomenon that is SqUID, how it works and revolutionizes the warehouse industry, as well as the journey they have taken to get where they are now.

Tell us a little about BionicHIVE.

BionicHIVE had a different active mindset when creating their robot. Instead of focusing on the consumer, as most micro-fulfilment automation does, they decided to focus on the production and distribution side of the supply chain and enable automation in any warehouse as-is. SqUID is an autonomous warehouse robot that completely changes the way warehouses run. With  no human assistance, it can execute the job in its entirety. What this means is from the second an order is received, the robot can read the order, move to where the box/package is located, grab the item, and place it in its destination, whether inside the warehouse or in a truck. What makes the SqUID that much more special is its full capabilities. The robot will climb on any racks and shelves and will grab any box up to 15kg (and growing), with no human aid. On top of that, the SqUID’s AI is so advanced that when multiple robots work together, they allow for multiple actions to occur simultaneously without the worry of any issues or run-ins.
Regardless of just its incredible abilities, how will these robots revolutionize the warehouse industry as a whole?

As you can imagine, warehouses are relatively old-fashioned, making the use of robots increasingly harder to implement. BionicHIVE not only created a remarkably intelligent AI and robot, but also an efficient way of implementing them with the use of snap-in tracks for the robots. To clarify, there's no need to rebuild an entire warehouse to include robot capabilities, but instead just click the tracks onto the already existing racks, shelves, and even ceilings to automate a warehouse within only a few hours.

What about the moral question involving robots taking human jobs? Do you deal with this issue at all when expanding your product?

The answer is surprisingly simple. No, it is actually the other way around, with robotic automation enabling various markets to grow thus creating more jobs. Regardless of the robot implementation that we have already started seeing within companies like Amazon and Tesla, we are not seeing humans' jobs being taken. In fact, warehouse jobs are still the most in-demand .

On Twitter, after seeing a video of the SqUID in action, Elon Musk commented "the robot future is coming."

What was is it like to be recognized by a huge tech CEO and entrepreneur like Elon Musk? How did it affect BionicHIVE?

As expected, Musk's reply to this tweet gave it a ton of recognition, bringing the video to 1.5 million views within 24 hours. Reingold explained that this moment was actually what brought them out from under the radar. Not only are 1.5 million views enough to change a company’s dynamic, but the positive reinforcement from someone as big as Musk changed the game. 

While still in the earlier stages of go-to-market, BionicHIVE is on track to changing one of the largest, oldest, and most important industries on the planet. The possibilities that are capable with automated technology are growing day in and day out, and the SqUID is only progressing this further. There is huge potential, not only in this market but within the robot itself. The future is looking very bright and the ceiling at which BionicHIVE and their genius robot can hit is only getting higher as the days go by. The robot future is coming.

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