Is the World Getting Flatter? Running a Global Business, Locally

Yael Benjamin, CEO & Co-Founder @ Startup Snapshot | Reading Time: 2 min.
Even though Israeli startups are far from their target market, entrepreneurs frequently engage with clients and investors, jet setting the world to attend conferences, meetings and roadshows. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a standstill to global travel, forcing Israeli founders to manage global companies, locally. We set to find out how founders are adapting to these changes, and whether the remote strengths they are developing today will effectively “flatten the world”, creating a long-term advantage for Israeli tech. 

The research is part of the Startup Snapshot initiative, a data-sharing platform offering a unique glimpse into how the Israeli startup ecosystem has dramatically changed and adapted to the crisis. Working to create transparency within the ecosystem, Startup Snapshot arms entrepreneurs with the relevant data, statistics and benchmarks they need for accelerating their ventures forward. 

We invite founders to join the Startup Snapshot community, over 400 entrepreneurs have already shared their thoughts and insights. Backed by Yigal Arnon Law, Leumitech, Intel Ignite, Y.Benjamin Strategic Consulting, Zell Entrepreneurship Program and Benson Oak Ventures, the platform is currently looking to collect data from startup founders. If you are a founder, please take 2 min to fill out this anonymous survey:

All insights and benchmarks will be analyzed and shared with the entire ecosystem, leveraging the vast knowledge that exists within the Startup Nation for the good of the entire ecosystem.

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