6 Tips for Entering the U.S. Market Through Arizona

Nitsan Naidorf, Adv.- Director, Israel Offices Arizona Israel Technology Alliance
Entering the U.S. market can be challenging to say the least. Be it for research & development, joint ventures, customer acquisition or even a comprehensive understanding of where to open a U.S. office, there is one key ingredient that will expedite success to an Israeli companies’ growth: a strong network.

The adage of “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” cannot be emphasized enough. Ask any business development professional. Of course, there are other factors that weigh into success; good product, good team, etc., but when the time for market penetration arises, there is no better ally than a professional network of the right people.

Traditionally, Israeli companies have naturally gravitated towards the coasts of the U.S. when entering the market, most notably California and New York. However, there has been a recent surge of Israeli start-up focus in the state of Arizona.

Industry leading Israeli startups who have attracted global interest and investment, such as Airobotics, Eviation and Sisense, have seen the value propositions of Arizona and have opened U.S. offices in the state.

So why Arizona?


1.     Industry Corporations and Leaders

Global organizations, some of whom have significant vested interests in Israeli products and companies, are in Arizona. Both this private sector and the government of Arizona are eager to continue the surge of Israeli activity in the state. You will be welcomed amongst some of the most notable global industry leaders, such as: Intel, GoDaddy, Raytheon, Wells Fargo, ON Semiconductor, Caterpillar, United Healthcare, American Express, and the list goes on..


2.     Low Cost of Doing Business

Arizona offers one of the lowest costs of doing business in the U.S., primarily because of low taxes and small state government. While the national average of per-capita income going to taxes is 9.9 percent, in Arizona, the number is only 8.4 percent. In addition, Arizona's taxes on property, gas and personal income remain low compared to the rest of the country. 


3.     Top Talent

Poised and ready to meet your project needs, the state's available workforce is skilled, abundant, talented, and young. While the national average age is 37.2, Arizona's is 36.0. The population is plentiful, with more than two million workers living in the greater Phoenix area and an additional 450,000 in the Tucson metropolitan area. Arizona is also nationally known as a top state for workforce quality and availability, ranking #2 in the country and #1 in higher education degree opportunities.

4.     Access to Major World Markets

Arizona is strategically located in the southwest region of the United States, immediately accessible to three of the world's largest economies -- California (#8), Texas (#12) and Mexico (#15). In fact, Arizona is the only state in the nation within a day's drive of all those major world markets.


5.     Exceptional Quality of Life

From an unsurpassed number of sunny days to snow skiing, Arizona’s quality of life is second to none. From thriving culture to relaxing scenery to amazingly good weather, it’s all right here. Just ask Noam Bardin, the CEO of Waze.



6.     You Have a Partner

The Arizona Israel Technology Alliance (AITA) is the premier resource relating to all things Israel-Arizona commerce. AITA is a well-respected powerhouse with staffed offices in both Arizona and Israel. Utilizing its resources will put you three steps ahead of anyone else.



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