Cactus Capital
Cactus Capital is Israel's first student-run venture capital fund entirely managed by students at Ben-Gurion University. Founded in 2018 with the help and advisory of We are an in-house VC, located in Beer Sheva with a student team of 12, managing a $1M fund.
Investment range
Up to US $500,000
Olympic minimum
We are looking for early stage (Even an idea!) companies. where at least 50% of the founders are Ben-Gurion University students or recent grads (up to one year from graduation). So our "Olympic Minimum" is a great student team from BGU and a great hanger to change the way of thinking
Tech sector
Artificial Intelligence Cyber-Security FinTech Blockchain Augmented Reality Food Tech Telecommunications Mobility Big Data Ed Tech Cloud IoT Smart Mobility E-Commerce AR/VR Software
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