Lool ventures
We are a venture capital firm investing in early-stage startups, based in Tel Aviv. We work shoulder to shoulder with exceptional founders with huge dreams that once realized will make the world a better place. lool is about being entrepreneur friendly not just because we've been entrepreneurs like you not so long ago and know what it's like to be down there in the trenches, but also because we understand that it is entrepreneurs, their ideas and passion, that are the real drive of our industry.
Investment range
Up to US $2,000,000
Olympic minimum
We love to see some product validation or even initial market traction, but we are realistic and aware that some technologies are just too complex and costly to build as bootstrap. Best logic is - if it's relatively feasible for you to get *some* validation - we'd like to see it, but happy to talk even beforehand to get to know you and think together about how can it be vetted. If you're building ground braking tech which is months+ away from any validation - let's talk as early as possible.
Tech sector
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