7 Jun 09:30

How to Build a Startup in the Real World with Tim Sylvester

About this event
According to a report released last year, San Francisco and New York are ranked as the top two startup ecosystems in the world, respectively. The cities were ranked according to the quantity of startups in the ecosystem, the quality of the ecosystem, and the city’s overall business environment. Also on the list of top ten ecosystems are Los Angeles and Boston.

However, what if you live in one of the thousands of U.S. cities not in the top ten and you want to build a startup?

For decades, the stereotypical startup was one based in a top market with a well developed startup culture, readily available investment opportunities, and a short time between idea, investment, and commercialization. However, according to entrepreneur Tim Sylvester, that made-for-TV stereotype doesn’t describe the average entrepreneur worldwide.

“How can your business prevail if you’re not from the Bay Area, didn’t go to Stanford, and you aren’t working in SaaS? This stereotype doesn’t describe the vast majority of startups,” Sylvester says. “Most of the advice I found about how to build a startup and how to fund a startup included very narrow advice for a tiny little section of society. I had to figure it out on my own.”

On June 7, 2022, Tim Sylvester will host a webinar for Founders Network members where he’ll detail actionable insights on how to build a startup for tech founders who don’t fit the traditional Silicon Valley mold.

In his webinar, Sylvester will cover:

Building a network
Finding startup capital
Getting your documents in order
Creating an MVP
Go to market strategy 

About the Speaker:

Tim Sylvester is an electrical and computer engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in the construction industry. With his understanding of both technology and roadbuilding, he came to realize road networks were on a path to converge with data, communications, and power networks, which inspired him to create Integrated Roadways. His first goal in founding the company is to improve the universal driving experience by transforming ordinary roads into a digital infrastructure for next-generation mobility. His other goal is to solve the ongoing infrastructure funding problem by proving that roads can pay for their own existence through the economic benefits they provide to users.


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